About Us

Bailey Instruments are global manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and surgical instruments. Our mission as a company is to produce high quality devices, manufactured ethically and in full compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements. In order to achieve this and ensure the highest quality devices are produced we are accredited with ISO13485 and maintain of quality management system for the manufacturing and supply of devices  which includes carefully choosing our manufacturing partners using strict criteria. As a responsible company we also consider our supply chain and operate a labour standards assurance system where we proactively ensure that the labour force within our supply chain are treated fairly.

Much of the innovation we bring to devices is in our single use range. Due to the devices not being required to withstand the rigors of decontamination, we can bring innovation into the design and materials used. Wherever possible we utilise automation and injection moulding with new materials to eliminate the variability resulting from traditional, hot forging of steel instruments. We recognise that as the use of single use devices increases across developed healthcare markets driven by increased regulation and decontamination costs, manufacturing has to develop sustainable processes and capacity whilst not compromising on quality – we aim to be at the forefront of developing these methods.

We always value any feedback on our products and how they can be improved therefore if you have a frustration with the current design of a device or just an original idea that improves technique or safety, or transmits to enhancing user occupational safety then we would love to hear from you.


1984 – Bailey Instruments founded by Tim & Sally Bailey as suppliers of Podiatry Instruments
1989 – Incorporated as LTD company
1996 – Bailey Instruments produce the world’s first calibrated monofilament to aid in the assessment of neuropathy in diabetes patients. This device has since been included in NICE guidelines
2003 – Bailey Instruments launch range of Vectorthotic and X-Line orthotics
2009 – Bailey Instruments launch susol range of single use devices with podiatry procedure packs
2011 – Following successful launch and uptake of susol range, the company relocated to 7000sqf premises
2013 – Bailey Instruments become one of the first adopters of Labour Standards Assurance System launched by NHS Supply Chain
2013 – Following the success of susol podiatry range,  susol ENT product range is launched
2015 – Due to the success of new product ranges, the company relocates to 10,000sqft premises to support expansion and growth
2016 – Innovation Patent accepted on our engineered single use nail nipper
2017 – Bailey Instruments continue the expansion of susol range into operating theatre devices with elastic retraction and Micro laryngoscopy devices