Tissue forceps

Uses of tissue forceps

Tissue forceps are used in many areas of surgery and are typically used for grasping biological tissue. They typically have teeth and are available in a range of patterns.

Single use tissue forceps

Reusable tissue forceps

Bailey instruments

We have been manufacturing medical instruments and devices for over 30 years. We have a long standing and robust supply chain meaning we are able to supply in volume with confidence in production quality.

We are a trusted and compliant supplier to the NHS and many of our instruments including tissue forceps, are available though the NHS Supply Chain catalogue.

You can view our full range of medical instruments and devices here.

Susol – single use innovation

Bailey has a range of single use tissue forceps available. Our Susol brand is recognised for its quality and innovation within the market. 

Our new products are developed along side surgeons to help identify and solve common problems caused by dated medical instruments. Our single use forceps go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure all of our forceps is ready for use at the point of care.

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Tissue forceps